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Organic Compounds



Endrin is an organic solid of white crystals. Endrin is a bug killer which has been used mainly on field crops such as cotton, maize, sugarcane, rice, cereals, ornamentals, and other crops. It has also been used for grasshoppers in non-farmland areas and to control rodents. Production in 1980, the year it became banned, was said to be 100,000 lbs

Endrin is very hard and strong, but it is known to be broken down by sunlight. Endrin used in soils will stay there for up to 14 years or more. Its strong ability to stick to soil makes leaking into groundwater unlikely. However, endrin has been tested positive in certain groundwater samples, suggesting that leaking may be possible in some soils. Due to this, drinking water in homes became a concern. Some short term health problems that came out were tremors, where your body shakes. Laboured breathing which means troubled and loud breathing. Mental confusion, and convulsions, which are muscles weakening. However, long term health problems were convulsions and damage to liver tissue.

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