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Organic Compounds


Welcome to Chitrak Handa and Amandeep S. Sidhu's organic compounds website. From this site we hope that you will learn what an organic compound is as well as learn what some benefits for the use of organic compounds are. We also will be talking about two organic compounds Endrin and Caffeine. For each, we will explain what it is and what effect it has on the environment.

What is an ORGANIC compound?


Before the late 1820’s organic compounds were thought to be compounds that come from living things. However in 1828 a German chemist named Friedrich Wohler made an organic compound called Urea. It was made from an inorganic compound called Ammonium Cyanate and because of this the definition had to change. Today an organic compound is an explained as a molecular compound that is based on carbon. It normally has two carbons bonded together or a carbon and hydrogen bonded together


What are some benefits of Organic compounds?


Organic compounds are used for many different things. Daily life in today’s world would be very hard to live in without organic compounds; in fact life would not be possible without organic compounds. For example, most of your body is made up of organic compounds. The food you eat is made up of organic compounds. Even the flavorings and colorings on processed food are organic. The clothes you wear are, yes you guessed it, organic as well. What’s more is that buses and cars use fuel which is also organic, and for many of us this is the only way to travel. The heat in our homes is organic and if we did not have heat, many would freeze, which is why this is a benefit. Even the medicine we take when we get sick or get hurt may contain organic compounds. Those are just a few uses there are many more. Just as there are pros to organic compounds there many cons as well. CFC’s the ozone destroying compounds are organic, they cause radiation to enter the earth. Many harmful pesticides such as, DDT are organic. Like all things, there is positive side and a negative side in using organic compounds.


Here are the two organic compounds which we researched: Endrin and Caffeine

Thank You for your vist. We hope you enjoyed it.